Useful Websites

Useful websites

Here are a few useful websites, starting with some New Zealand specific sites (we cannot take any responsbility for the content of any of these sites).

The Birth Mum Support network is a group of birth mum’s of all ages who have placed their babies for adoption. Through their website they offer support and advice for anyone thinking of placing their child for adoption, or anyone who has recently placed their child for adoption.

New Zealand Open Adoption Network (OPAN). The aims of OPAN are to support open adoption in New Zealand, provide awareness of open adoption in New Zealand, assist children to come to terms with open adoption issues, and support birth parents, adoptive parents and their extended families

The Child Youth and Family adoption information page.

Brief history of adoption in NZ written by Keith Griffith. Written in 1996 with some content now a little out of date but still very useful information.

In September 2000 The New Zealand Law Commission Te Aka Matua O Te Ture produced a Report 65 “Adoption and its Alternatives: a different approach and a new framework”. The report is a comprehensive exploration of adoption law and practice in New Zealand, together with proposed alternatives.  To view a PDF of the report click here 

An online support group for New Zealander’s who are interested in Surrogacy, Egg donation, Sperm donation, Adoption, IVF, and all of those issues that go with infertility.

In addition there are a number of global websites aimed at adoption.