Adopting into your family

Adopting into your family

Wanting to adopt welcome

If you live in New Zealand and are thinking about adopting a child domestically this section of the website is for you. Our website is focused on New Zealand adoption. ICANZ covers international adoptions see

Although the Adoption Option Trust is aimed at pregnant women, we are including this section for people who want to adopt because we know our site gets visitors who would like to know more about how to adopt into their family. However, we are not an adoption agency and everyone wanting to adopt a child, either domestically or internationally needs to contact Child, Youth and Family to attend their Education and Preparation training. Click here to be linked to the CYF website.

On this site The Adoption Process section explains how you go about adopting in New Zealand. The Adoption Questions section covers a number of frequently asked questions. You may also find it helpful to view the video clips in the Stories section. There are three videos showing parents who have adopted children; including parents who adopted Maori children and a parent who adopted a child with Down syndrome.

To get a greater understanding of open adoption you may also like to view the video clips of women who have placed their children for adoption. Please remember the Child Youth and Family adoption training is more comprehensive than we can be on a website. Our aim is to show you that open adoptions can work for all parties involved and to encourage you to contact Child Youth and Family to see if adoption is right for you.