Greg and Angela's story

Going down with the adoption path

As a young couple we didn’t think there would be a problem having children but after months of trying we discovered that we were unable to have children and so chose to go down the adoption path. The phone call that changed our lives forever came on the 12 November 2002. Greg was on his way to a school camp and I was in the middle of a maths lesson with 5 year olds and I heard the words you always wanted to hear “There’s a baby for us!”

Oliver was due the 10th December 2002. We met both his birthparents and his birth Grandmother a month before hand. It was all very over whelming and we had decided to keep it as a secret – not telling our families until the day we bought him home. Of course Oliver was over due but on the 17th December he was delivered my caesarean straight into my arms. Something that I am so thankful for – to be at his birth was amazing.

The days that followed were filled with lots of secret visits to the maternity ward to see our darling baby and then on the 30th December we could bring him home. It was all way to emotional as we thanked and hugged his birth parents. There are no words to describe our gratitude to them. We drove all the way back to my parents house to surprise them – WOW were they surprised. The months that followed were great. We had frequent visits with Oliver’s birth family and he just fitted into our lives like he had always been there.

When Oliver turned 4 we decided to have another go and put our names back in the pool. We were not expecting a response so soon and had booked a holiday for 3 to Rarotonga. Could we be taking a 4th member of our family away too? Amalie may was born on the 28th August 2006. We met her when she was 4 days old and just longed to take her there and then!!On the 8th August we made the 2 and half hour drive to collect her. It was amazing. Again we hadn’t told our families so the whole way home we were on the phone ringing them and sharing our good news. We have contact with Amalie’s birth mother via emails which is wonderful. We send her photos and updates of Amalie’s milestones. Unfortunately due to NZ laws we were unable to take her to Rarotonga so we change our tickets and all 4 of us went when she was 4 months old!! An amazing time together as a family.

 © Greg and Angela

We will be forever thankful to our children’s birth families. If it wasn’t for them we would be childless an never know how much love we still had to give. They will always hold a very special place in our hearts.