Placing a child for Adoption

Placing a child for adoption

The decision to place a child for adoption is huge and you are wise to be looking at exactly what is involved. Just as every unplanned pregnancy is different so is every adoption story. We aim to show that adoption today is very different from the way it was in the past and that it can be a positive option. Please do take some time to see what mums AbigailRebecca and Summer have to say. We also have stories from Nicola and Kim who have placed children for adoption. No one is saying this was an easy decision to make, quite the opposite, but they are all saying it has been a positive option for them and their children.

We have You Tube interviews with people who have placed a child for adoption, people who are now grown up but were adopted at birth and couples who have adopted babies into their families. You may like to watch these interviews with family or friend who are supporting you. Diane is a granny; she talks about how it was for her to have her grandchild placed for adoption. Scott is a father who shares how he coped with choosing to place his baby for adoption. Informal adoption, whangai, is also covered and this may be an option for you if there is someone in your extended family who would like to parent your child.

If you decide to investigate adoption further you may like to make contact with the birth mum’s support group

This is a group of women who have placed a child for adoption and who want to help others who are considering adoption or are going through the adoption process.

You will be able to see how you go about placing a child for adoption by reading the Adoption Process information. In New Zealand all formal adoptions have to be handled by Child, Youth and Family

We do wish you well at this difficult time, if you get a moment to let us know if this information was helpful we would be most grateful. We are keen to get ideas on how we can improve the site – email

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