I was adopted

Since the 1950s nearly 50,000 people have been adopted into families with whom they previously had no link. Below are some of these stories; as short YouTube videos and written stories.

Hannah’s story of her adoption

My name is Hannah. I was born in Blenheim in July 1986. I cannot remember the first time my parents told me I was adopted; I have always grown up knowing. I was one of the first babies in New Zealand to be involved in an open adoption. My birth mum chose my parents, Neville and Louise out of hundreds of hopeful couples wanting to adopt. See more of Hannah’s story.

Cilla’s story of her adoption

Where does one begin when trying to describe my life growing up as an adopted child? I was born in the late sixties to an unmarried, 24 year old pakeha woman who lived in a rural part of the country, around the middle of the North Island.  There was enormous pressure on her not to “mar” the family name, coupled with the fact that she had fallen in love and become pregnant to a Maori man; as bi-racial babies were frowned upon at that time. Read more of Cilla’s story.

You can also watch Cilla’s story on YouTube

Amanda’s story of her adoption

My name is Amanda. I am an only child, and yet there are about sixteen people out there who I can legitimately regard as siblings. I have five parents. My children each have nine grandparents. My world is rich in diversity, beautiful in its complexity, and filled with love in abundance. To have lived this life has been in every way a privilege. Read more of Amanda’s story.

Kayla’s story of her adoption

My name is Kayla, I’m eighteen and when I was 25 days old I was adopted. My new family is unique in that I went into a home to find an older brother two years my senior, also adopted, and a mother who had been adopted too. This is a story about all our experience of adoption, taken from the point of view of the amazing potential it can have on a family. Read more of Kayla’s story.

Liam Messam’s story of his adoption

Liam is best known as a rugby player where he plays as a loose forward. He represented New Zealand Under 16, Schools and Under 19. Liam made his debut in the New Zealand sevens team in 2002 at the age of 18, and was made captain in 2004 at the age of 20; he was New Zealand Sevens Player of the Year in 2004. In 2008 he was selected for the All Blacks. Read more of Liam’s story.