Birth Fathers’ Information

Birth Fathers' Information

What about the birth father? Information about the birth father's role can be found here.

Birth father’s roles and rights

In most cases it is preferable for the birth father to be involved in the decision. In some cases this is either not appropriate or desirable. The birth father’s rights are however subject to legal definition. They have recently been strengthened by the Care of Children Act 2004.  If a biological father has been living with the child’s mother in a similar situation to a marriage arrangement during the pregnancy or at the time of the birth he and the birth mother are required to sign the consent forms before an adoption can proceed. If he is not in agreement about the decision to place the child for adoption he may choose to consult a lawyer and contest guardianship of the child. Social workers would not proceed with an adoption if such legal action was pending. If the biological father was not living with the child’s mother there is no legal requirement for him to sign the consent form, however, judges, who approve the applications for adoptions to be made, do prefer to see that the birth father has been consulted wherever possible.

Birth father’s story – Scott’s story

I remember the day I found out like it was yesterday. To say it came as a shock is an understatement-it was after all news that changed my life forever, bringing with it some of the most difficult and happiest times of my life. It is my belief that due to the choices we made over the coming months and years, I would be fortunate enough to continue to experience these contrasted emotions but they would become increasingly positive as time went on. Read more of Scott’s story.